We can provide you a high-end development of the new technologies that are blockchain protocols, with a professional integration to your information system. Leonod is a team of experimented developers which can work on networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar or provide a seamless experience of the technology, thus avoiding to constrain your business.

We create smart contracts to support crowdfunding like Security Token Offering with latest legal specifications compliance thanks to our partnership with Yellaw law firm. We also develop smart contracts to automate business processes and to bring transparency when it is needed.

Website and applications

In addition to the pure blockchain-oriented development, we can develop an environment integrating these technologies. It is formerly known as a "Dapp".

Check out our STO demo platform or ask for a live presentation!

Backend development

We can handle the infrastructure needed by your project, so that you can get from scratch to success entirely with Leonod.


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