We help you choose the best suitable blockchain solution for your project…

Choosing the appropriate technologies and approaches for a blockchain project is always a difficult task.
Do I need a public or a private solution ?
What kind of consensus best fits my needs ?
Can I use an existing blockchain or do I need to develop a new system from scratch ?

There is a lot more questions to ask before starting a project, our expert development team is here to assist you for all of them!

…And we build it!

Once the specifications of your project have been established, let’s code !
Our developer team will be thrilled to develop all faces of your project, from the website to the deepest blockchain tweaks.
We use the latest tools, programming languages, databases and blockchains such as Angular, Ethereum, HyperLedger, NodeJs, MongoDb, Bitcoin, Stellar and also more conventional tools such as PHP, WordPress and MySQL.

Public blockchain solutions

If you want transparency, public blockchain is what you need. A public blockchain has absolutely no access restrictions, anyone can become a validator and send transactions to it. Such networks usually offer economic incentives for those who secure them and utilize some type of a Proof of Stake or Proof of Work algorithm.

Private or consortium blockchains offer several advantages and are highly attractive for financial institutions, supply chain providers and more generally for companies that do not trust each other but who need to work together.
Private blockchains brings: simplified governance, known players, reduced costs, speed and confidentiality. All without the loss of control implied by a public blockchain.


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