Smart contracts development and audit

We build secure Smart Contracts in Solidity to accomplish any kind of project you may want such as fundraising, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) or any other decentralized project.

Secure Smart contracts development

To reduce the risk of vulnerability in our Smart Contracts, our code use OpenZeppelin and ConsenSys libraries which are standard, tested and community-reviewed code.

Fundraising smart-contracts

We build Smart-Contracts to let you issue Security Tokens (STO) based on Ethereum standards.

Our fundraising contracts use ERC-1400 specifications and are ERC-20 compliant to allow backward compatibility with ERC-20 compatible exchanges and tools such as Metamask.

Check out our demo platform or ask for a live presentation!

Smart contracts security audit & code reviews

Security when producing and deploying Smart-Contracts is always mandatory! That’s why we always give special attention while performing Smart-Contracts security checks.


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