While promoting censorship-resistant solutions, the Leonod team is also in constant touch with professionals and hence understand they might need solutions adapted to their needs : that what we usually call a private blockchain. Here is a synopsis of what solutions we propose.

Smart contract network

We can provide you an Ethereum-like network permitting the execution of smart contracts : an automated program doing exactly what you want.

This kind of network can be used for example a supply chain solution, or to set the rules directing an organisation, or any other application you might think of since the programing language made available is very flexible.

Token transactions oriented network

We can provide you a lightning-fast payment network, with integrated token creation and trading. This solution also allows you to design complex vote system around the decision-makers : meaning you design your consensus rules.

This kind of network also enables smart contracts, but with far less general possibilities (i.e. really transaction-oriented).

The use of a blockchain network might need you to adapt your business information system : but no worry ! Leonod, having strong formation skills, is here to help you adapt both your human and computer resources.


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