Here at Leonod we believe that distributed ledger is an upcoming disruptive technology that must be understood by every hierarchical scales of companies since applications and uses of these protocoles are only growing up.

We offer several trainings courses around the ecosystem each aimed to different profiles such as decision makers, project managers and developers.

Our training courses are given in partnership with INSA VALOR, we can also provide you tailored masterclass, workshop or instructionnal event to fit your demand and your specific market position.

Technological and practical Blockchain approach

Aim of this training is to develop required skills to design and implement Blockain solutions:

  • Understand blockchains protocols, discover their fields of application and their potential
  • Know the various available technologies to be able to make the relevant technical choices
  • Master the implementation of the main blockchain networks. Identify the difference between first-generation blockchains and newer technologies, including Ethereum

To check the full course content, please check INSA VALOR website.

Developing smart contracts on Ethereum


Aim of this training is to understand how the Ethereum network works and how to develop Smart Contracts:

  • Know how to code, compile and deploy a smart contract.
  • Understand task automation and immutability.
  • Discover the Ethereum virtual machine, which executes the smart contracts.
  • Know the good practices related to security.
  • Know the tools used to develop on Ethereum and to interact with smart contracts within your applications.

To check the full course content, please check INSA VALOR website.

Trainings for decision makers – State of the Art and case studies

Aim of this training is to bring blockchain dimension to the company’s digital strategy:

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to insert the blockchain dimension into the company’s digital strategy
  • Identify the industrial and economic stakes of blockchain
  • Develop value-generating strategies around the blockchain

To check the full course content, please check INSA VALOR website.


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