Counseling and project management

You got a disruptive project and are looking for a market expert, commercial or technical consulting ? Our team will guide you through the ecosystem and help you consider your proposal, business model and roadmap.

  • Technical consulting : We can take action on all the technical part of your project. Help you to draw up technical specification, whitepaper, and find the right ressources and partners.
  • Business consulting : We can help you to put your project on the launchpad ! Business plan writing or updating ; review, select and negotiate with required service provider. We also ensure the planing and cost consideration.
  • Project management : You can rely on us to ensure that you achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints. Redaction or reshaping of project documentation to suit your need. We scope costs and schedule planning with meaningful milestones. We optimize ressources allocation to meet defined objectives. Give us your need, we build it !

Through Leonod partnership with Yellaw law firm we assist and advice you to build projects fully compliant with legal requirements

We assist you through buying and selling crypto-assets by delivering several solutions that help to keep control over personal and corporate digital data.

  • Identity management
  • Know your customer (KYC) solutions
  • Asset ownership tracking


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