Lightning Network integration

The 4-years old, not even matured yet, payment technology is just one integration away !

For years Bitcoin have been barely used by individual insiders, and by activist businesses. We bring it to more traditional and not Bitcoin-related businesses seamlessly thanks to this cutting-edge technology.

Instant transactions

no need to wait for blockchain confirmation anymore

low fees, proportionally adjusted to the transferred amount

Micro payments

How it works

Payment channels

A payment channel is a smart-contract enabled way of making an infinite number of transactions between two parties, for a cost of 2 blockchain transactions.

A new network

Often described as to be “on top” of Bitcoin, the Lightning Network is a peer-to-peer network completely different to the Bitcoin network and defined in an in-development RFC. Participants of the network exchange, as well as other informations, valid Bitcoin transactions.

Privacy by default

Using Bitcoin can sometimes be problematic for a company, as it’s very easy to leak its whole financial activity. Lightning fixes this by making the information shared encrypted by default, this is the participant’s choice to disclose any information.


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