In the blockchain technology lies the possibility of certifying documents ownership.

We can provide handy applications to emit and check certificates over the main public blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar and others.
Depending on the kind of project or type of document to certify we may push different solutions to fit specific needs.

Main strengths:

  • Verifying the ownership of a document only requires a cheap call to a public record which is now a public blockchain !
  • Accessing this service doesn’t hinge on a specific private company because blockchain and application code is opened to everyone
  • An accurate and immutable timestamping

Example of a school emitting its diplomas over a public blockchain in addition to the regular diplomas

You are a famous school and want your student to be able to provide an easy way for their recruiter to check whether they actually own their diploma or not.
Currently, the only way for a recruiter to be be 100% sure someone has a diploma is to directly contact the emitting school, which is quite anoying and time consuming.

Here come’s the digital and decentralized solution : the Blockchain certification technology

  • The school emits a certificate over a public and secured blockchain, for instance the Bitcoin network
  • The school then gives a unique and private “certification data” to each student (for instance in the form of a QR code)
  • The students adds its QR code to its resume
  • The recruiter scans this QR code that only the school is able to generate and gets the answer in a second.


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