Secure your data thanks to blockchain technology

Along with providing immutable transactions, Bitcoin also brought the world most secure way to timestamp and prove ownership of sensitive data.

Leonod helps you to seamlessly benefit of the inherent security of the most robust and immutable blockchain of the world.

Main strengths:

  • Robust and immutable timestamping
  • Integrated electronic signatures to prove document ownership
  • Open source code so that you don’t rely on Leonod’s future: your database is a world-widely shared one, secure by design.

Example of a company emitting a confidential intellectual property on Bitcoin’s blockchain

Let’s take the case of a patent. The patent owners needs to:

  • Be able to prove anteriority
  • Not disclose the confidential content of the document
  • Be able to prove ownership

Using Leonod as the bridge to the Bitcoin network, the company will be able to craft a transaction containing the cryptographic proof of the document. Leonod emits this transaction over the Bitcoin network, which will be included in a block and stay forever.
In this example,

  • The block timestamp proves anteriority
  • The cryptographic proof does not contain the confidential content
  • The transaction’s digital signature proves ownership
  • The company does not need Leonod to verify the proof !


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